Monday, January 11, 2010

Final Card: Jim Gentile

Jim Gentile (#45) began his minor league career in 1952 with the Brooklyn Dodgers' organization. Throughout his minor-league and major-league career, he only ever played first base, except for pitching in 14 games during the 1952 season, and 1 game in his last minor-league season (1968).

Jim played in the minors from 1952 through 1959, while getting a cup of coffee with Brooklyn in 1957 and Los Angeles in 1958.

After the 1959 season, Gentile was traded to the Orioles, and became their power-hitting first baseman from 1960 to 1963. He was the runner-up for AL Rookie of the Year in 1960.

Following the 1963 season, the Orioles traded Jim to the Athletics for first baseman Norm Siebern. His stay in Kansas City was short, as he moved on to the Astros in June 1965.

This is Jim's last baseball card, but it wasn't his last team. In July 1966, the Astros traded him to the Indians. 1966 was Gentile's last major league season, but he played for 2 more seasons with the Phillies' triple-A team in San Diego.

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