Sunday, May 27, 2012

Floyd Weaver (#231)

Here is the 2nd of Floyd Weaver's 3 Topps cards. (He also appeared on the Indians' Rookies card in the 1965 set, and in the 1971 set as a member of the White Sox.)

Weaver was signed by the Indians in 1961. His major-league debut came in the final game of the 1962 season, when he was the Indians' starting pitcher that day. Floyd returned to the minors for the next 2 seasons (as a starter) then resurfaced for 32 games in 1965 (all but 1 in relief). It would prove to be his final time with the Indians.

After another full season with the Indians' AAA team in 1966, Weaver was traded to the Mets for infielders Ernie Bowman and Lou Klimchock.

Floyd never made it to New York, spending the entire 1967 season in the minors. He was out of baseball during the '68 season, and spent the '69 season in the Giants' and White Sox organizations.

He finally made it back to the big leagues in 1970, pitching 31 games for the White Sox and 21 games for the Brewers in 1971. He also spent time in the Cubs' minor league system in 1972 and 1973.

 Floyd Weaver passed away at age 67 in November 2008.