Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Final Card: Don Landrum

Don Landrum (#43) was signed by the Phillies, and spent 7 seasons with their minor-league teams, with a 2-game cup of coffee in Philadelphia beginning on September 28, 1957.

Two weeks before the end of the 1960 season, he was traded to the Cardinals for third baseman Bob Sadowski, and finished the season in St. Louis. In 1961 he played 28 games with the Cardinals, and 86 games in triple-A.

Don spent the entire 1962 and 1963 seasons in the majors, first with the Cardinals, then with the Cubs, following his June 1962 trade. Don was the Cubs' 4th outfielder in 1962, but in 1963 he shared the starting centerfield job with Ellis Burton.

In 1964, Landrum was back in the minors for most of the season, but the next year he was the Cubs #1 centerfielder, starting 104 games.

After the 1965 season, Landrum and pitcher Lindy McDaniel were traded to the Giants for pitcher Bill Hands and catcher Randy Hundley. Don was seldom used by the Giants in 1966. Although he played in 72 games, he made only 14 starts in the outfield, along with another 40 late-inning defensive appearances. Willie Mays, Ollie Brown, Jesus Alou, and even Len Gabrielson and Cap Peterson all got the outfield assignments before him. Don also spent part of 1966 with the Giants' triple-A team.

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Anonymous said...

This card has three variations, all related to his unbuttoned fly in this picture. The other two have partial and totally airbrushed buttons.