Thursday, July 5, 2012

Final Card: Gordon Richardson

This is the first and last card for Mets' pitcher Gordon Richardson (#51). Here, Gordie is sporting the New York World's Fair patch on his left shoulder. (Back in the day, I think only the Mets and Twins had shoulder patches on their uniforms.)

Gordie was signed by the Cardinals in 1957, and spent 7 1/2 seasons pitching in their farm system. He was stuck in double-A for 4 seasons (1960-63) despite winning in double figures for 3 of those seasons.

Richardson made his major-league debut on July 26, 1964, pitching a 6-1 complete game victory over the Phillies. He remained with the Cardinals for the rest of the season, fashioning a 4-2 record in 19 games.

After the season he was traded to the Mets (with outfielder Johnny Lewis) for pitcher Tracy Stallard and minor-league infielder Elio Chacon.

Gordie split the '65 and '66 seasons between the Mets and their triple-A team. In 1965, he appeared in 35 games for the Mets (all in relief). After 15 appearances in 1966 (the last on June 5th) he returned to the minors for the rest of the season. It would be his last.


tinctureofhorsehide said...

'obtained from the St. Louis Cardinals...before the opening of the COMPLETE MAJOR AND MINOR LEAGUE RECORD

Jim from Downingtown said...

"That's just Topps being Topps!" LOL