Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Athletics Team (#492)

Here is the Athletics Team card. Shown on the card is the 1965 team, the not-so-proud owners of a 59-103 record, which put them 43 games behind the AL champion Twins, and 3 games behind the 9th-place Red Sox.

The '66 Athletics improved to 74-86 (7th place), but the entire league improved that season. The last-place Yankees were 70-89, 26 games behind the Orioles.

SEVENTEEN PITCHERS! That's what happens when you stink. Rollie Sheldon and Fred Talbot led the team with 10 wins each, but they would be gone by the next year.

The A's were making some headway though. Young starting pitchers Catfish Hunter, Jim Nash, Lew Krausse, John Odom, and Chuck Dobson were gaining experience. Soon, Rick Monday, Sal Bando, and Reggie Jackson would be joining the team, and in a few years they would have a dynasty.

Unfortunately for the fans of Kansas City, that dynasty would be located in Oakland, and Kay-Cee would have to endure the growing pains of the the expansion Royals for another 7 years.

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