Friday, June 6, 2014

Johnny Podres (#468)

“Hey! What gives? Your 'on-deck' sidebar said that Dean Chance was next in the rotation!” 

Yes that’s true, but I got wind that the "$30 a Week Habit" blog was going to link here tomorrow for his ’59 vs. ’66 card set faceoff, so I wanted to put my best foot forward, in a shameless attempt to curry favor with the voters. (Sorry, Commish!)

Dean Chance was a good pitcher, but the capless/airbrushed 1966 Angels cards are atrocious to look at, so I’m trotting out Pods to save the day. Even though I have already featured his 1967 and 1969 cards on my other blogs, I’ll justify this post by mentioning that this is his final card as a Dodger.

This is my favorite of my 3 Johnny Podres cards, maybe because his sad-dog look is more evident than on his ’67 and ’69 cards, or maybe just because he is pictured as a Dodger. (Podres retired after the 1967 season, and wasn’t in the 1968 set.)


Unknown said...

I love your blogs! 1965 through 1970 were my sweet spot for childhood collecting and revisiting these cards is like getting together with old friends. I wish Topps would issue reprints of these old sets!

One thing about Johnny Podres - he didn't retire after 1967. After sitting out '68, he came back to pitch for the expansion Padres! I came up with a trivia question years ago - name the team with a battery (pitcher and catcher) whose names comprise the name of the franchise... SAN DIEGO PADRES! Benito SANTIAGO behind the plate with Johnny PODRES on the mound

Jim from Downingtown said...


Thanks for the comments.

As for Podres, I'm aware that he played in 1969:

As for 1968, you said "sitting out", I said "retired". It seems like the same thing, because he wasn't on anyone's major or minor league roster that year, nor injured.