Friday, December 16, 2016

Bob Bolin (#61)

Bob Bolin was a swingman for the Giants from 1961 to 1969 (though primarily a starter in 1966). After playing for the Brewers in 1970, he finished up with 3 seasons as a reliever for the Red Sox.

Bolin was signed by the New York Giants in 1956, and played 4 seasons in the minors (1957-60) before making his major-league debut in April 1961. Bob was the youngest pitcher on staff, and was the 10th man in terms of innings pitched (48). He appeared in 37 games, all but 1 in relief.

He slowly moved up the bullpen ladder in 1962, pitching 92 innings in 41 games, while making 5 starts.

1963 was a good year for him. A 10-6 record, co-leading the team with 7 saves, and was 4th in innings pitched (behind the top 3 starters). Bolin’s 47 games included 12 starts.

In ’64 he started more games than he relieved, and was 3rd on the staff in strikeouts (behind Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry). Back to the bullpen in 1965, he improved both his record (14-6) and his ERA (2.76).

In 1966 he started 34 of his 36 games, and was the Giants’ #3 starter behind the above-mentioned pitchers. He was also 3rd in innings and strikeouts.

Those crazy Giants and their pitching staff yo-yo! After a fine performance in 1966, it was back to the bullpen in 1967. (Actually, the Giants acquired Mike McCormick from the Senators in the off-season. McCormick led the NL in wins, and was the Comeback Player of the Year in ‘67, so Bolin had to adjust.)

1968 was an even-numbered year, so (you guessed it) Bob was back in the rotation. While starting 19 of his 34 games, he fashioned a 1.99 ERA – tops among Giants’ starters. His was the 2nd-best ERA in the NL, after Bob Gibson’s 1.12.

Bucking tradition in 1969, the Giants kept the same 5 starters they had in ’68. It was Bolin’s last year in San Francisco though.

December 12, 1969 is a weird day in Giants’ history. On the same day they traded Ray Sadecki to the Mets for 2 useless bench players, they traded Bolin to the Brewers for 2 useless bench players (outfielders Dick Simpson and Steve Whitaker). Both Bolin and Sadecki still had some tread left.

Bob spent all but the final 2 weeks of 1970 with Milwaukee. After compiling a 5-11 record for a bad 2nd-year team, he was traded to the Red Sox on September 10th. He played 118 games for Boston for the next 3 years and 2 weeks – all in relief.

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