Sunday, April 29, 2018

John Buzhardt (#245)

I already reviewed the dope on John Buzhardt when I posted his 1968 card here, but that card is such a mess that I decided to post another one of his cards (like I did for Larry Sherry and Turk Farrell).

Fun fact about John Buzhardt: While with the Phillies in 1961, two of his 6 wins were the games just before and just after the Phillies' infamous 23-game losing streak.

Fun fact #2: On a team that also included Gary Peters, Joe Horlen, and Tommy John, Buzhardt was the White Sox' opening day starter in 1967!

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tinctureofhorsehide said...

Apparently his name isn't pronounced BUZZ-hart, but booz-ART. So said the announcers on a vintage radio broadcast.